[play online] UNDVIKA

i like minimal thing, and really like creating minimal things that have a big impact. because they are just simple ideas that have been stripped to just show what you really need to know. its fun actually :wink:

now my latest game i have made in my best way to learn HAXE/OPENFL is UNDVIKA, a minimalist permadeath game, with very simple ideas executed in it.
β€’ collect all the [30] coins
β€’ avoid all the enemies to win.
if you touch an enemy, your points go right back to zero and you have to start again.

this was made in about half a day, using the things i have learnt since completely adopting HAXE/OPENFL as my only language to know.
but would love to extend my gratitude and utter thanks to the folks who have helped me and put up with my many questions. you know who you are and i thank you for the help :wink:
its a great community that i really happy to be a part of :wink:

now, you can play UNDVIKA on my itch.io account. just clicked those linked things :wink:

i will be updating this a bit further, i have some ideas id like to do to it. some interesting things, wait and see :wink: let me know what can be better, or even what else i could put in. better for me, because it means i can keep learning :wink:

enjoy and happy playing

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A nice, simple concept. A good game, considering it was made in half a day. I have a few comments and suggestions to improve this game.

  • The blinking enemies might be a slight hazard to those prone to epileptic seizures. Consider either putting a warning beforehand, or better yet, making the enemies resize smoothly instead of abruptly.
  • The score is a bit hard to see, why not enlarging it and placing it at the top-center part of the screen?
  • You could add more graphic effects to spice up the visuals a bit while still retaining the minimalist aspect. Particle effects upon coin pickup or player death might help.
  • How about adding more enemy variety? ie. different colored/sized enemies with different behaviors in movement (horizontal, vertical, circular, etc)
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HA, yeah. i did think on the epilepsy part. but am going back to make things more β€˜smooth’ :wink:
im working on a menu system as well. so you are not just thrown in, also a retry state. still learning so taking a bit of time :wink:
particle effects are easily on my list. i was just doing one yesterday, but some reason was not working.
ive thought on some more enemies as well.

thanks for the feedback. helps a lot :wink:

did do a slight update, easy stuff first.

just made the enemies one sive or another, no epileptic type movement. also put in sound :wink:

just going to work on the other, less easy things :wink: