Pin-Town - Physics / Puzzle Game

Play the game right inside this forum by clicking the play button above (thanks to the magic of oembed / onebox)!

This was created a few years ago to test OpenFL cross-platform capabilities, and I was quite impressed! It has become my goto frameworks now for all my projects!

Welcome to Pin Town ! Home of the Pin Pals (and Gals) !

Help them in their wacky adventures across town in this unique physics puzzle game, inspired by Pachinko.

There’s a lot to do in Pin-Town : Find a house, visit the beach, go to the movies and a lot more ! Get one to three stars for completing each levels and try to beat your highest score !

Simply aim the Pin Pal (or Gal) and send them bouncing madly through numerous custom-themed levels filled with power ups and special challenges !

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Congrats on release!

May I ask some technical questions?
What is the process of packaging/submitting game to Windows Store?
Did you submit HTML5 version?

Thank you!

Thanks! Sure!

Nope I didn’t submit the HTML5 version, although it would’ve been much easier. I packed the Win32 version as a .appx, however to submit Win32 app to the app store you need to get approval from microsoft from their Desktop Bridge Program. It took about two weeks of back and forth emails from various microsoft representative to get approved.

I’m interested in adding Windows Store support to the Lime tools, we can probably use HTML5 initially, but then we could also look at C#, C++ with ANGLE and other options for a native approach, after the basic tooling/debug workflow/packaging is in place

The game is really amazing. I like it so much :slight_smile: (can’t stop playing…)
I would like to know about animations: do you use swf animations?

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Thanks for clarification @Starburst! Never heard about Desktop Bridge Program!
I guess, I can do the same for my older games written in AS3. :slight_smile:

@singmajesty, Windows Store support will be highly appreciated!

Kinda, I used Flash CS6 for all of the animations but I wrote a plugin to export the animations as XML data and then my engine parse it, all graphical assets are in Spritesheets.

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