Phone camera light control?

I haven’t found anything about this by searching here. Is there an ANE or other kind of tool in OpenFL that would allow programmatic control of the camera light to make a flashlight-style app? I don’t need picture taking capabilities, just control of the light. I was hoping to make an app that turned the phone into an RGB-customizable flashlight. I did find something like this on the app store, but it only dealt with the phone screen and it wasn’t very good.

If you wanted to use the phone screen as a light, that would be a simple drawRect call. However, I assume you want to use the light of the camera, which gets into the territory of native extensions.

We need to restore mobile platform compatibility in the new Lime. Once we do, I would be happy to have platform-specific support for the camera light as a part of the Lime API. Until then, it should be possible to access using a native extension

Yeah, I’ve already done the drawRect call on the screen with three scrollbars each adjusting R, G and B (and appearing with a tap / disappearing after a few seconds of no touching). I hope to be able to expand it to the camera light at some point. Guess I’ll keep my eye out for air native extensions until that point.

You could also try making a native extension of your own.