Performance issues on S5?

Hi guys,

Finally I have first stable version of my game. Is a Black Jack game compiled in HTML5. I made all the tests on chrome ( with mobile simulation , and low speed network ) and everything goes fine on PC. However when I try to run it on my phone (Samsung S5), there is a lag that makes the game impossible to play.

The bottleneck seems to be when I exchange information with server. Information sent and received is really small (let’s say at max1Kb each packet JSON encoded )
Any clues, ideas or any good tool to directly debug on the phone and finding out what’s going on?
if anyone wants to test it you can check a demo here

best regards and thanks once again.

Have you tried using Chrome debugger tools? You should be able to run profiles against your project, or use trace messages and see when its slowing down, if the game is waiting for the network traffic, if it is slow because it is processing something afterward, or if the game is not handling frame drops well (by having frame-based animation instead of time-based)