Performance Issue on Chrome (Windows)

I checked this test project in different browsers in Windows, unfortunately the performance in Chrome is terrible and the frame rate is very low.
How can I know where the problem is?

Ok, I think I see what you mean, the transition between items look choppy but your fps never drop under 60. (Measured with chrome fps counter)

This is really odd.

Ok, i checked the Chrome FPS meter. when window is fullscreen or maximized, FPS is under 5 and objects transitions is laggy.
When I am reducing the size of the browser window, the frame rate goes up and reaches 60 when it is too small (200x200 pixel). In this case, the object’s transition becomes normal.

I just tried a performance test and it appears that approximately 50% of the CPU spent on my machine is on texImage2D within the video render code.

I found this (which doesn’t look promising!)

Unless there is some other way we can upload data the only other solution is to use -Ddom mode and to allow the video to be it’s own DOM element

CPU conflict and frame rate reduction are not only on the video playback time, although video intensifies it. From the beginning of the program, the object transitions is jumpy.
But the new and strange thing is that in some systems there is no drop in performance and I still haven’t found a commonality between the problematic computers.