Path error in pirate pig example

When I try to compile the pirate pig example for neko it gives the following error: Failed to load library : ./std.ndll.

I assume that this is reffering to the std.ndll ile located at …/HaxeToolkit/neko/std.ndll which is present on my system. I tried adding this directory to the global class path, but that didn’t work. Does anyone know what path I have to change/add?

Ever had this feeling, “My code is broken and I have no idea why,” followed by getting a sandwich, cleaning the build, recompiling out of desperation and having the feeling replaced by “my code is now unbroken and I have no idea why.”

Anyway, maybe adding the new classpaths to the .ndll worked (but required cleaning the project to take effect) or maybe there are gremlins in my computer, but everything seems to be working now :smile:

Normally this file is added during the compilation, what version of lime do you have?