Output folders different on different computers?

So there’s somthing i dont get… On some computers a native c++ target uses bin/windows/bin but on others using the exact same project it will use bin/windows/cpp/release/bin/ as the output dir… Why is this ?

I thought that varied depending on what the version of lime/openfl is at the moment of compile. But I’m using flash/haxedevelop. So never was sure what the reason was. With newer versions of the libs being used not producing the release or debug in the bin dir. Happens with flash and c++ at least.

Yeah, would make sense if it was one with older versions of OpenFL and another with newer versions… but that does not seem to be the case?

Oh. If it is the same version I’m just left wondering too.
Thought it was the version because I noticed it while upgrading from and old lib freeze on a project.

Current Lime releases use <app output path>/windows/bin, but can be overridden by <config:windows output-directory="${targetType}/${buildType}" /> to make it <app output path>/windows/cpp/debug/bin instead