Orbital Decay and the rest of my portfolio, now in glorious HTML5

Hello there.

Few years ago (2008-2012), I’ve made a couple of games in Haxe 1.xx and 2.xx, targetting Flash. Last year, I took some time to port them all to Haxe 3 and OpenFL, targetting HTML5.

Games are available here:

Each game took around 3-7 days to port. Main issues encountered were:

  • porting Haxe 1/2 to 3, there are lots of syntax changes and it was good “fun” to change the syntax of tens-hundreds of getters/setters :smiley:
  • missing support for CSS in OpenFL textfields, which led to some hacks (replacing css with plain html tags on the fly)
  • performance: most of my older games had a custom scene graph and were optimized for offscreen blitting (at least the engine part). Turns out, in OpenFL, offscreen blitting is rather slow. Hopefully, I’ve managed to bring them all to a playable FPS :slight_smile:
  • OpenFL assets packing: I targeted older mobile devices (e.g. Ipad Mini) with 512Mb RAM. Turns out, compression assets packing requires at least 1Gb :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!

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