Optimizing OpenFl/Lime GPU/CPU

How does OpenFl/Lime manage GPU processing for GPU-enabled devices, i know that GPU does calculations on image manipulations, transforms, rotation, display etc.,

But which part handles logic/conditions, like if there are over 10M images and each one got its own logic conditions, e g. when it hit this, do this, else do that, etc.

Are these conditions/logic done by the CPU?

If yes, could it be faster if the conditions/logic processing about graphics related information is done by the GPU instead?

SIDE NOTE: By the way, GPU, i think, is capable of logic operations, it is even used in Computing Intensive Scientific studies like weather forecasting, DNA sequencing, Bio-engineering and so on.



10 million images? I’m pretty sure neither the CPU nor GPU could handle that. But I’ll assume I misinterpreted it, and you meant something more reasonable.

To answer your question, the CPU handles any code you write in Haxe, which presumably includes all of those conditionals.

Just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s easy - GPUs place specific restrictions on what your program can and can’t do.