Optimal texture size and tiling techniques

The game I’m working on uses sprites as foregrounds and background. (A 2d platformer)
At the moment, the backgrounds are drawn in photoshop and then tiled in single png’s or jpg’s of 768x768 size - and then packed into TexturePacker tilesets, which are then loaded by the engine when the room is loaded.

Now, I’m wondering if this is even necessary, to split graphics into these tiles, or does OpenFL handle stuff like that on its own in the background and it would make no difference if I just used one gigantic background and foreground bitmap (we’re talking about dimensions of around 6-7k x 2-4k textures here)?

Because with this tiling-engine, I find it hard to avoid seams and at the junction of two tiles, I can see the textures “wobble” - probably because of rounding-errors in the bitmap placement engine.

Well - I’m just wondering if there’s someone who can help me find the optimal way to handle this in OpenFL.
: )

Hope this help you :


Also, you should avoid using textures bigger than 4096x4096 to support maximum hardwares.

Very helpful. Perfect answer, thank you very much.