Opening a PDF in openfl

I have seen this post [android] Open local (pdf) file?
but I am wondering if there is a way of opening a pdf file in openfl.
I have tried with the library format, it reads only the generic structure and does some partial encryption.

Thus, I have been wondering if importing an Adobe Air project in openfl is possible.
or I must cross that idea and make another application read the pdf.

I am wondering about this too. I want to make a reader app using OpenFL but I have my doubts.

Perhaps AlivePDF could be ported

Otherwise you could just use the default system viewer, which is probably easier/safer for now


Can the default viewer embedded in the aplication?

I mean, like Preview on Mac, or the Windows PDF viewer, or Acrobat, or whatever the user may have installed

You can execute the file path on Windows, run “open file.pdf” on Mac, or “xdg-open file.pdf” on Linux in order to execute the default handler

I see. I am more curious about the Mobile stuff myself.