OpenFLurry extension - Android Build Testing

I’ve implemented this extension and registered for a Key - which is working (so I can see).

After a few attempts to log “events”, I can only see Sessions showing up in the analytics - but no events at all.

I’ve left a message on the Github issues page, but the developer isn’t responding. Has anyone else used this extension before? Could give me any hints on something I’m missing?

import fr.tbaudon.OpenFLurry;

OpenFLurry.initSession(“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, true);

then for each event to log:
public function addEvent(eventName:String, eventAction:String, eventDetails:String):Void
var articleParams = new Map<String, String>();
articleParams.set(eventAction, eventDetails);
OpenFLurry.logEvent(eventName, articleParams);

I’d call addEvent(“Game_State”, “GameState”, “game has started”);

but under Events in the analytics - there is nothing showing :-/

I feel like somethings missing.

Help please!

Okay, so the extension does work - the Event Data took ages (like over a week-2 weeks) to populate in the analytics.

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sorry I did not answer, was in holliday and then forgot about it :confused:

I stopped to use Flurry for the same reason , stats are very slow to appear.
I switched to google analytics instead…

How long does GA take to populate with data? Yeah I’ve been thinking about swapping - but had a glimmer of hope when I finally saw it appear.

Stats In GA are almost real time, at least on session.
Event take around a day I think.