OpenFLPlugin unable to install in Animate CC 2017


i was looking for better ways to handle more then one swf file , then came to know about the OpenFl Plugin
but unfortunately i can’t install it because of manifest errors.


then i tried to rebuild the extension from it’s repo but it says something i can’t understand :stuck_out_tongue:

or any good workflow suggestion is most welcome .

thanks happy new year :smiley:

The “cl.exe” error means you may not have Visual Studio C++ installed?

I’ll try and install the plugin here, and see what’s up :slight_smile:

However, the plugin is optional, and you should be able to use standard SWFs with OpenFL, without a loss of features

EDIT: Oh, I just realized you are using Extension Manager. I don’t think that works for Animate anymore.

Visit and click to install the OpenFL Plugin from there. It should add it to your Creative Cloud account, and cause the Creative Cloud downloader to download and install the plugin for you. See if that works?

yes i tried it and after syncing, it installed in it !

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