OpenFL3D Render

I plan to support direct rendering of 3D on OpenFL’s WebGL (OpenGL) target, and support the basic properties of OpenFL, just like using ordinary bitmaps.
Now I have the most headache for me is the 3D hierarchical problem, now solved:

  • Bitmap
  • 3D DisplayObject
  • Bitmap

Concept Git, because the function is still under development, the source code of Git may not be able to be used normally, waiting for me to perfect it!

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Yes, OBJ format can now be loaded, and textures are supported at the same time. But this is just a simple start, and a good result is obtained; the next step is to implement a new roadmap, let me see…


My next route is to parse FBX files. Now the parsing model is supported.heaps FBX parsing library is transplanted to openfl. If I’m familiar with Away3D and FBX, I guess it’s feasible to transplant FBX from heaps to Away3D, but I’m still learning.

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I have successfully parsed the FBX skull model. Next, I want to confirm the implementation of the animation.


I love you @rainy! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :laughing:

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Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Although this may be a difficult thing, I will do it step by step. I will first solve the position and angle of each joint. Then let the model pose the same as the skeleton.

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Today, I successfully rendered the skeleton skin. If I move the skeleton, the animation is complete. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is pretty cool :slight_smile:

Hope this is a useful rendering support, because I really want to render 3D freely on OpenFL; now supports skeletal animation, but does not yet support transitions. :grinning:

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Now I have implemented the interpolation operation of bone animation, and the basic support of bone animation is ready.


Hi rainy, have you got a roadmap with all the steps of this (great) project?
It would be great to have a growing alternative to Away3D.

Although I want to maintain it, it only supports simple 3D rendering, and many lighting, projection and other functions have not been realized. Maybe it is only suitable for simple display on 2D. There is GitHub in its roadmap, but the progress will be slow because my project doesn’t use 3D yet.

Yes, sure, I mean a lightweight alternative to Away3D :wink:

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Oh nice idea with fbx support! Please be careful if AutoDesk can catch your copyright’s violation. Or did you write own loader?

But in future you will forget because we use soon with OpenGL ES 3.2 with wasm - if all browsers support OpenGL ES 3.2 as webgl 2.0.
I am working on OpenFl.WASM ( Possible next version ) currently.

Hi, I transplanted the heaps FBX loader. Will this cause infringement?

OpenFl.WASM so cool! :yum: