Openfl won't install

Hi, maybe this has been beat to death already, but when i do exactly what it says on this page
and then simply type “openfl”, it says
openfl is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.
i already have stencyl installed, do i need to uninstall it, then install haxe and openfl again?

From experience, I think that the Stencyl installation conflicts with any other Haxe installation (since Stencyl has its own haxelib, IIRC).

What message did you get when you typed in “haxelib run openfl setup”? The “openfl” command is basically created as an alias for “haxelib run openfl”

thanks for replying! i’m not sure what message i got when i initially ran that command, right now it asks if i want to set lime to 2.4.1, then it goes to a stencyl directory. i guess i’d have to uninstall stencyl if i want to use openfl

i have seen somewhere that its best not to have stecyl on at the same time due to it also using haxe

did you get it to work?