Openfl websocket secure (wss) ERROR

var schema = secure ? “wss” : “ws”;

if i change secure to true
it gives me an error and it doesnt connect

any solution?

failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

Perhaps this is an issue with how the server is configured? Happy to help if it seems we are not calling things properly in

is there any way to add this parameter in connection function rejectUnauthorized: false

Maybe you can try and make some edits to your install of OpenFL, and try out some different approaches to see if you can make progress with your server. Happy to hear feedback if we should make changes

thnx for feedback but it doenst work.
website opens https itself and now i’m trying to connect to server with ws:// without secure and i need somehow to set rejectUnauthorized: false

at last, made certificate on port and connection happened but now when i send message it doesnt sends and either gives me an error. :confused: