Openfl.* vs externs.core.openfl.openfl.* packages

What is the difference between classes under these 2 locations in the OpenFL package?

  • openfl.*
  • externs.core.openfl.openfl.*

Am using IntelliJ IDEA. For some files like Sprite it’s referring to classes in one package while for some like Bitmap in another. Is this expected?

Within our development team, for the same class import, it is referring to two different files in different location for different developers. Is there anything in OpenFL/ IDE configuration that needs to be done?

Will the autocomplete import reference in the IDE same as the compile time reference to these files?

How to know when and which files get picked from above the two paths?


We have both class paths for different reasons.

When we do code completion (-Ddisplay) we intend to include the “externs” directory in order to provide better code completion, ASDoc-style comments for documentation and inline code hints in supported editors, and it helps create a guard against providing internal, private APIs in our code completion, so that these do not pollute the results or accidentally encourage their use.

At compile-time, we always use the standard openfl.* directory

Thanks for the explanation !