openfl.Vector ain't working anymore with OpenFL 4.1


I just updated OpenFL & Lime and something like this:

var vertices:Vector<Float> = [0.0, -20.0, -30.0, 10.0, 30.0, 10.0];

gives the following output:
src/Main.hx:7: characters 8-75 : Array<Float> should be openfl.Vector<Float>

May someone shed some like into this please?

Just a follow-up:

If I define it like this:
var vertices:Vector<Float> = new Vector<Float>([0.0, -20.0, -30.0, 10.0, 30.0, 10.0]);

it works fine if targeting Flash.
If the target is html5 I get the following errors:
src/Main.hx:14: characters 55-92 : Array<Float> should be Int
src/Main.hx:14: characters 55-92 : For optional function argument 'length'

Try the following:

var vertices:Vector<Float> = Vector.ofArray([0.0, -20.0, -30.0, 10.0, 30.0, 10.0]);

Hey dimumurray!

While going through the new Vector.hx class file I’ve stumbled over the new ofArray() function too.
Thanks for helping!
By the way, is this the appropriate, not to say official, way to initialize an vector now?

Does this work without OpenFL on the Flash target?

var vertices:Vector<Float> = new Vector<Float>([0.0, -20.0, -30.0, 10.0, 30.0, 10.0]);

If so, we can support that in the next release.

Otherwise, Vector.ofArray is the way to go