Openfl test html5 changing default browser

Event after changing it in the operating system settings ( Mac’s) this command opens firefox as default browser. How can I switch it to some other browser. Is it related to http-server command settings?

Here is a similar question, but does not have an concrete answer.

I see something is going on here with ProcessHelper ( coded inside lime-tools) :

if ( != "") {
      ProcessHelper.openURL (;
    } else {
      ProcessHelper.openFile ( + "/html5/bin", "index.html");

Is their any way I can change it’s choice of launching the browser?

Anyway I finally got the answer. I was looking into these lines, however the 4th point sorted it out.

  1. web-browser associated with html files. File -> Right Click -> Open With -> Change All…
  2. If web-server is specifying the type of browser by some preference.
  3. If lime-tools ProcessHelper was somehow launching it by some preference
  4. The OS’s choice of default browser.

Changing the default browser for the OS will change the default browser. On Mac it can be changed here

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