Openfl swf for orange pi?

Hi I have a couple of orange pi’s, haxe and open fl installed fine but any commands that said rpi in it wouldn’t work, its an arm64 cpu and also there are ones with arm v7 cpu’s please let me know all I need is for an swf to launch in a standalone or fullscreen. I send you paypal donation If you help, im running debian 8

Hello! First, i’m not an expert on the topic of haxe on linux-arm and unfortunately I do not own a Pi. So I’m not the best person to help you, but can you perhaps be more specific about your setup, goal and Problem? Then at least everybody knows what you’re doing.

A. Are you building with haxe on the Pi, or are you trying to cross-compile?
B. Which commands are you using and what is there output? (errors)
C. What versions are you using: # haxelib list
D. Is the swf created by haxe, or is it something pre-existing which you wish to port to the Pi.
E. If you are making the swf with haxe, then why not compile to native code. On the pi run:
# haxelib run openfl build linux
F. Have you tried other targets, for testing, perhaps neko?
G. Is the swf the only thing you need to execute? Do you basically just need a flash-player?

Some hints: You might need to recompile haxe from source on your Pi. A document on that can be found: here. You also need Neko (which is probably in your distro: # apt-get install neko). Also you need to have installed OCaml. If it’s not in your distro, you have to manually build that. It has some dependencies as well, like ocamlfind which you might need to install seperately with OPam: # opam install ocamlfind

oh if its not a real swf player with all the features than nevermind, im just looking for a standalone player for the swf, don’t need the rest of the features… the problem seems to be when I do openfl Linux command that its missing Rpi dnll, do you have the ndll for rpi?

Haxe is a ActionScript like language. It can compile to multiple targets. Among being: Native C++, html5 and Flash (swf). So Its not necessary meant as a flash-player but it can compile a swf for it. So unless you are writing your code for the Haxe compiler it will not do you mush good. Perhaps you can see if Gnash is available for you Pi and if it can play your swf with that.

gnash does not have the features or lightspark, I made a chromium extension but it has a slow start up time…

The only thing haxe can potentially do for you is to write a application that embeds the swf file. Then from code load the movie(s)/graphic(s) assets from the swf library and put logic around it. This will require some coding experience. Click Here for documentation on that.

As far as i know there is no other solution, at least not within haxe. For swf you can either use:

  • the Adobe Flash Player, which will not be available for linux-arm,
  • A open-source player like Gnash, which as you saw is limited.
  • Or write some code in haxe with the swf embedded.

So unless someone else has any great ideas for you, these will be your options.!

Alright well this seems to not be the software I needed after all, but I can still donate something for trying if you leave your paypal email down below.

First: i’m just a forum user and not a representative of Haxe… I only like to use it. Second: on a forum like this it’s not about the money, its about questions and answers. Third: I would have gave you the same treatment regardless of any PayPal promesses.!

But thanks for the gesture and keep an eye on this post, you never know if someone will still reply with a great idea.!


Does haxelib run lime rebuild linux -rpi help?

@singmajesty Hello, to quote @entra_games

Can you singmajestry or maybe someone else perhaps confirm that there is no easy out of the box way to to use haxe as an flash-player? I’m under the impression that entra_games thinks that if rpi.ndll is installed that he then can play a swf on his Raspberry Ri.

There is a project called Gnash that may do this on a Linux system, there is also the Adobe Flash Projector for Linux, which I use regularly on Ubuntu (but may require X11 to run, might not work on the RPi)

There’s also versions of browsers that will play SWF content

OpenFL is designed to work from Flash source content (source code, art assets), but produces entirely output for each platform. It is not a runtime.

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I belief that projector is only for Linux on Intel (i686-x64). Raspberry Pi is arm, so that will not work. Gnash was already tried without much luck… Its too outdated for modern features.

The swf is not going to play… But, some video editors like Corel Video Studio (see input formats) and probably Adobe Premier can import swf and export it to any movie format. If the swf is non-interactive and has no actionscripts then you could export it with software like that to a movie format which you can then play on the Pi.

Good Luck!

no, I guess since its an orangepi not rpi, that’s like what its missing and the folder doesn’t get its arm version to run the stuff because the rpi or lime wont install


It’s an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android 4.4, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian Image. It uses the AllWinner H3 SoC, and has 1GB DDR3 SDRAM.

The software is the same as The Raspberry Pi.

rpi.ndll will not give you a player for your swf. Nor will haxe. As already explained It can only embed the swf and use the assets - movieclips and graphics - within some limitations described here: (Creating SWF Content section).

I’m not absolutely sure, but it would not surprise me if the rpi.ndll library is meant for specific Pi hardware and GPIO interfaces. But I’m very unsure about that. I’m pretty sure you are not going to run the swf on the Pi though.!

Sorry to disappoint you!

Still out of curiosity

A. Is the swf interactive? (Does it require user input (keyboard, mouse))
B. Does it contain ActionScript.?

If the answers are: A. No, B. No. Then you can convert it to a movie and play it in a regular movie player on your Pi. Otherwise you are probably out of luck!