Openfl/swf "deprecation warning"?

I noticed that there is now a message indicating that the code at the openfl/swf repository on GitHub is deprecated “until version 5.0”. I have no idea what that means. Could the community please clarify?

Specifically, my questions are:

  • will OpenFL continue to be able to read from SWFs, both in the short and long term?
  • is responsibility for the code that provides this functionality being shifted to a separate entity?
  • is the code being collapsed into the main OpenFL repository? Is it being rewritten and thrown out?
  • when OpenFL 5.0 is released, will the code at openfl/swf become un-deprecated?

I’ve tried to follow along with some other discussions that are related to this but I’m not seeing a clear, distinct answer. I have only just gotten a basic demo working following the tutorial at , so a lot of the internal terminology (like NMEPreloader) is foreign to me. My apologies if this is obvious to most people.

Thanks in advance.

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Using the latest OpenFL, Lime and samples, try the following:

openfl create NyanCat
cd NyanCat
openfl test html5

Does this work?

The “NyanCat” and “SimpleLayout” samples use SWF assets. They do not rely on the SWF library – the SWF decoding support was moved into OpenFL, has improved, and is now built into the core functionality of openfl.display.MovieClip :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have just made updates to the SWF asset tutorial, sorry it was out-of-date!