OpenFL & Starling

Hi all!

I thought to myself it might be time to checkout OpenFL’s Starling port and found this old
blog post:
If I run the benchmark provided by the demo:
I get satisfying 25151 objects at 60fps.
If a compile the demo project myself (a HTML5 Release build of course) I just get 819 objects.
What could possibly be wrong here?

Thanks for bringing this up. I have been focused on feature completeness, and had not noticed that we lost speed in this test. On my system, I get more like 19800 instead of 25000 using a newer version, which is still something we want to figure out.

I did tests using the older Lime version (and the Lime BunnyMark sample) compared to the latest Lime release, and it seemed equivalent. I am also comparing the same Starling version on both the older OpenFL release and the current development version, so I believe the performance difference is in the Stage3D layer. It could be due to some bug fixes we made, I’m sure there’s low-hanging fruit that could be optimized in the Stage3D layer to streamline performance, I would appreciate any help on this.

The browser also appears to make a difference – on Opera (which is Chrome under the hood) the performance is comparable between the current and older release, but on Firefox I see the difference.

Thanks for having a look singmajesty!
You don’t remember which OpenFL & Lime versions you were using the time
you’ve uploaded the Starling demo, do you? :wink:

I believe it was built using OpenFL 4.1.4 and Lime 3.4.1, I’ll continue looking :slight_smile: (this should still work with the current Starling release)