Openfl setup windows

What is the current way to setup openfl for the windows target.

Should we still run

openfl setup windows

and install VC 2010?

Should I install Visual Studio 2017 Community? I am asking, because it’s a 6GB download, and then maybe it does not work.

There should always be a tutorial for new haxe users. And even if I am an old haxe user, I don’t know exactly the way to set it all up. Last time I had problems with Visual Studio 2015, it was’nt recognized by openfl. So I switched back to 2010.

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Sorry for the confusion!

I would recommend installing Visual Studio Community, whichever version you prefer. I hear that 2013 has long build times, but 2010, 2015 and 2017 should all work. No other “setup” is required for Windows C++ builds, but make sure you check the box for Win32 support (desktop C++) when you install Visual Studio :smile:

There was an issue with newer (2017, possibly 2015) versions of VS not being recognized in HXCPP, but that should be resolved in the current version of the library