OpenFL setup mac question

This is also my first post. I just loaded up haxe box2d testbed. Got html5 and flash export np.

I’m basically seeing is Haxe / OpenFL is a good option to port my flash game into.

I’m currently stuck on building for mac. Well, stuck at the setup phase.

my setup:
Apple, iMac 5k
OS X 10.10.2
XCode 6.4

So in terminal I try to run:

sudo openfl setup mac

I get:

Download and install Apple Xcode? [y/n/a] ? 

Problem is its already in Applications now.

What am I missing here?

I also tried this:

sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/

and tested with

xcode-select -print-path

which prints out


Does openfl only work with XCode 7?

Thanks a lot in advance to any help you can provide!

you dont need to use xcode with haxe/openfl.
you only need the command line tools from xcode, not to use xcode itself. reason why is because of developing for mac/ios. use sublime text, atom editor or something else to code, not xcode. xcode does not haxe built in nor do i think you can put it in easily.
actually in essense you dont even need xcode installed, you do just need the command line. but the easiest way is to have xcode installed

what i would suggest is you should open xcode, go to downloads within preferences, and install command line from that. once done you can close xcode. then you really just need to have haxe installed, which is super easy.

once haxe is installed, then run fallow this quick tutorial

but yeah. dont use xcode. use a text editor :wink:

in some way it is good to have xcode still. because exported applications for iOS are good in xcode for doing final wrap-ups, same with mac applications

The message you see:

Download and install Apple Xcode? [y/n/a] ?

happens every time you run openfl setup mac even if you already installed XCode before. You can just say no and you will be able to work with openfl without any trouble.

Yeah, target setup is just there as a little helper utility. It doesn’t do any checks to see if things are installed :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

It works now. Have an packaged app working.
I have another question about how to make exe and apps for windows and mac without dependencies on haxe install. But I’m posting that now on a new thread.

thanks again!

packaged applications wouldnt need a seperate haxe install for people to play with. as long as its a .exe .app etc, then thats just an application like any other