Openfl setup in vscode

ok, beginner here.
i wanted to give openfl a try and installed openfl and lime(with the vscode extension). Both seems to work properly with create (DisplayABitmap sample), build and test commands working with no issue.
However there is no code completion or definitions, the error “Error: Display file was not found in class path” is constantly there and in output, “Type not found : openfl.display.Bitmap” all while test command is working.
i am completely confused right now and appreciate and pointers.

Did you open the correct directory in VSCode? The project.xml file should be in the root / toplevel.

yeah, i was using a sample build

project.xml is not at the root in that screenshot, so it’s no surprise it’s not working. You need to open that helloworld folder instead of 2.

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well… i feel like an idiot, did not know that was necessary. but thanks, everything is working now