Openfl setup blackberry downloads an old version of the NDK that doesn't work on OSX Yosemite 10.10

Just thought I’d mention it here because it’s a 600 MB download.

Am I supposed to submit this is a bug?

Yeah, I suppose you can post this as a bug under, I could have sworn I was using this version of the NDK on my Mac (running Yosemite) already. Last I tried, the newest NDK was just broken (and all the StackOverflow discussions just said “yep, just how it is”) but maybe it’s better now :smile: Thanks!

Oh, you probably installed it on 10.9 (: The Installer immediately quits on about the first screen.

Installer? I thought it was just a zip or tar.gz

Oh, oh, are you … sorry, I was thinking Android

BlackBerry, yeah, okay :slight_smile:

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The BlackBerry target was designed to support the PlayBook, on up through BlackBerry 10 devices. Since the PlayBook has been discontinued (and issues with the NDK install) I think we need to modernize this, but I’ve had some questions and have had a hard time getting a hold of developer relations. If you don’t mind, flagging this as an issue would be great

You should be able to download a newer NDK and run “setup” again, just say “n” to downloading and then specify the path to where it is installed, let me know if you have trouble

I went on their website and it seems you have to install their IDE to get (and update) the blackberry SDK. It’s kind of awkward.

Thanks, I’ll give it another look.