Openfl on VS Code issue

Hi there,

My HaxeDevelop is crashing so often that I would like to change for VSCode.

I followed tutorials to setup VSCode and everything seems OK but when I want to “run and debug” Lime, I encounter the following issue:


I can’t find any help from my research…
Do you know I can solve this?

what guide did you follow to set up? What operating system are you using?

I am on Windows and I followed a very simple tutorial here:

Ah this is mine. :slight_smile: Did you try reinstalling the lime extension and restarting your ide?

Yes I tried but without success.

Thanks for your videos btw :slight_smile:

Of course! We are going to be doing some really cool things in the near future for the youtube audience. :smiley:

Ok as for your issue, I have not run into this problem… To be sure, in our tutorials we use an entirely fresh install of windows via windows sandbox to ensure that we go through every possible step required. A cursory search of extensions failing to activate landed me some where around here : It looks like a clean install was the solution here, but I’m not sure what to say in this case since you already tried…

On a slightly related note, I’m going to be releasing a tool that should help bypass quirky ide issues very very soon, so stay tuned.

Your tool will be usefull :slight_smile:

I am going to try a full reinstall of VS Code…

Thanks for your help!

I uninstalled and cleaned everything…then made a clean install but always the same error…
I will stick to HaxeDevelop a little bit more…