doesn't compile on html5

Here is the errors I am getting when I attempt to create a blank project and include a Socket and try to compile for html5:

openfl.utils.ByteArray has no field __getBuffer (394 socket.hx)

Class<flash.utils.ByteArray> has no field __ofBuffer (370 socket.hx)

openfl.utils.ByteArray has no field readMultiByte (Suggestion: readFullBytes) (270 socket.hx)

Just noting it here if it is something that needs to be fixed or maybe finding out if I should be using a different class for html5. It isn’t blocking me any I was just toying around testing various targets.

Strange, it compiles here. Are you using the latest version of OpenFL and Lime?

here is the basic project. it is the client one that is not compile in html 5

A haxelib upgrade lists lime, lime-tools, nme, openfl, openfl-bitfive, openfl-native all up to date.


It actually works, if you use lime test html5 -Dno-custom-backend

The Flixel project uses an alternative HTML5 backend, called “openfl-bitfive”, by default. Perhaps the issue is there?

awesome, i’ll make a comment on their forum. Thanks =]