OpenFL legacy right and middle mouse event problem


Recently I installed FlashDevelop and OpenFL on my laptop and tried to continue my project there, but I found that the right mouse down event never fired, instead when I right click, the mouse down event fired. The old version executable has no problem on the same machine, which means something is wrong with the new update. Anyone else has this problem?


Seriously? No one? I thought this is a major update bug…

I Need this fixed too but all we can do is wait for now :frowning:

Thank god I’m not the only one… Really need this to be fixed

I really need it fixed too, I even bookmarked this topic hoping @singmajesty would see/fix it

Hey guys,

I think I found the problem – if you are using the source, try pulling and see if this fixes it:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! will test when I get back to my desktop