Openfl know how

hello all,

i had been looking for some info on actionscript, then would convert that to openfl. luckily it is quite easy to do, with just a few changes.
but still the one thing i think is lacking in openfl, is documentation, tutorials etc. im not complaining, ive had a tremendous amount of help from many people that im very happy have helped. but still there is info missing.

so, what i have pretty much started this minute is working on converting and creating a openfl cookbook. now this has come up in the ‘openfl tutorials’ forum post and someone had put on about very good book called ‘actionscript 3 cookbook’. so i gave it a look, and it seems pretty nice.
now, the plan, is to convert that [maybe not all of it mind] to openfl. with comments, pictures, etc etc. so there can be a place where anyone can add to and build upon this cookbook.

if anyone has the actionscript book in question, or just wants to help out, then by all means fork the wiki book [which i will link below] and make changes etc.
this will have some starting/beginners type stuff at first, but realy its just to convert the actionscript book to openfl. there will be some other learning things, but only what is really needed :wink:
im going to put some good time into this before i move and have no internet connection, but will put as much on as possible. :wink:
then once im fully setup can then continue on with it
this will also change in looks etc. because ill just be putting things up without much editing, then ill go back and clean up any spelling errors or coding errors


changed the name to ‘openfl know how’. seems more fitting because its going to be quite a lot of things now. not just a cookbook, not just a manual :wink:


By ‘actionscript 3 cookbook’ do you mean this book

Because if so it would be really illegal to do so, just a warning, the effort is commendable, just be sure to work on something you’d have the rights to put online :wink:

it not copying the book, text completely. just more the idea of what it has. im not copying and pasting anything, plus am writing it up my way, rather than the way in the book

i know what you mean, but im playing it safe. plus am mixing it in with other examples etc that ive found :wink:

its only if i outright copy things such as paragraphs, setences etc that it then becomes an issue. but no worries, there will be no copy/paste :wink:

actually i looked through what i have typed up, it actually more like a light manual. rather than a cookbook. because what i have typed up has a lot of manual-esque things.
the AS3 is more inspiration id say. there are a few things in it that are nice and would be a shame for them to die. but notice the same code in some other books i have.

either way, its all gravy :wink:

im gonna change the name of it soon enough. its more like a manual more and more now. just more practical :wink: