OpenFL html5 app loads all components but shows whitescreen on mac firefox

App runs fine on Windows Firefox 50 and other browsers on windows and mac, except on firefox for mac.
What I am seeing on Mac ( Firefox 49 and 50 ) . It loads the application, but shows a white screen. When I hover over the white screen, I can see the pointer changing to hand cursor for the buttons. When I click the buttons, they jump to next screen producing audios as programmed. But nothing is visible. Everything is white screen.

Anything in the console?

I have sent a privat message to you along with the working link, as it is not possible to share the client website link here publically :slight_smile:

By the way , sorry, I forgot to ask. How am i supposed to use -Dcanvas ? Is it a tag in project.xml or is it a compiler parameter, I will need to add in somewhere inside program settings ? :slight_smile:

-D means it’s a define, so try <haxedef name="canvas" />.

You can also do it on the command-line, such as openfl test html5 -Dcanvas :slight_smile: