Openfl.geom is proccessed in cpu instead of being offloaded to GPU

I compiled a file with gpu support and found out (using valgrind) that openfl.geom matrix operations is performed by CPU instead of GPU. I think matrix operations should be offloaded to GPU

Do you mean using OpenCL, or something else?

Thank you

He probably meant using Vertex texture fetch(VTF) or instanced rendering. These are not supported on all environments, and OpenFL still has no support for OpenGL ES 3.x/WebGL 2, though.

Hi, I am less familiar with how to use those in openfl, I just used the typical Clip position like ‘x’ and ‘y’ that is being reposition every frame via onEnterFrame. Its just 200 small 1x1 pixel image but it is so slow only 1 cpu utilized 100%, so I benchmarked it, and found out that it was openfl.geom to be the culprit.

Would you mind sharing the source for your test so I can take a look?