OpenFL Form Components?

Hey all. I’m sure this is an age-old question by now, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer…

What’s everyone using for form components in haxe/openfl these days? I need radio buttons, check buttons, and combo box. For lack of other layout software, I’m using Adobe Flash and the SWF library to load up a menu and place everything. I figured out that the fl.* package isn’t supported in OpenFL, so I was thinking of ‘scanning’ the swf and swapping certain elements out with some other GUI system. I’ve found a few options, but some of them haven’t been worked on in many years. I need to target cross platform HTML5, Android, and iOS. Any advice here is very much appreciated!

PS: Is there a reason why fl.* isn’t supported in OpenFL / SWF library? Is it technically not possible or just hasn’t been implemented yet?

Have you considered HaxeUI?

I wasn’t sure about its integration with openfl directly and how I could use it in my current pipeline, but I will look deeper into it. Thanks! Would it be simple to insert a HaxeUI component onto a display object or do they operate in their own special display hierarchy? And of course I was also curious if that is indeed everyone’s go-to approach or they did anything else noteworthy.

I usually wire up my own UI using sprites/spritesheets and event handlers to get things working.

Alright, I dug more into HaxeUI. Happy to say I think I can leverage it for my needs. It’s pretty cool and exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks.

I am seeing lots of bugs, however. Going to post them to HaxeUI Github.

@singmajesty, thoughts on mapping fl.* in the SWF library at some point to use HaxeUI?

Update: I encountered various issues with haxeui, like form objects showing but not being activated. Since I can’t determine what exactly is causing such behavior, I’m hesitant to use it. And dropdown menus are acting a bit weird for me. I posted issues to haxeui’s GitHub.

Hi @jonnym,

Ive answered the issues on GH but ill answer here for completeness. Essentially, the issues you are facing are related to using openfl html5 target, which isnt officially supported in version 1 of HaxeUI. There are large issues with scrollrects (which are used in anything that scrolls in haxeui) and other niggly issues here and there.

Unfortunately these are unlikely to be resolved as my main focus is currently on version 2 of HaxeUI, which works with all openfl targets (as well as loads of other frameworks / renderers).

Sorry its not a better answer, but it could take weeks (potentially) to fix v1 to work with html5 correctly which will just be superceeded by V2 at some point soon(ish) anyway - which is essentially better all round anyway.


Thanks for the responses. I’ll look forward to V2’s release!