OpenFl + FlashDevelop setup/workflow

Hi, until now I’ve been using OpenFl for testing purposes, but now I’m starting a major project on it and want to check some workflow issues before it. I decided to use FlashDevelop on a Windows environment, so I installed OpenFl the usual way (“haxelib install openfl” and so on). I tested it on the IDE and everything seems to be fine for the Flash, HTML5 and Windows targets. Now I want to fine tune some issues:

  1. For the Flash target I want to create swc files (to use with Apache Flex for AIR deployment on mobile - video is a big issue for me, and for now I’ll need to keep using AIR). I made it on the past with some tweaking on haxe files, but is it possible to set FlashDevelop to export it directly?

  2. For the HTML5 target, I believe we can go with the standard canvas or webgl, right? How can I setup my FlashDevelop project for it?

  3. I know that some people are currently exporting content made with OpenFl to fit the asm.js spect. I believe this is done from the generated C++ code, right? How can this be done? Will this also fit the WebAssembly specs?

Well, thank you for your time :wink:

I’m not sure what changes are required to output an SWC, theoretically it may be additional Haxe arguments or defines. These can be done on the command line (like changing “flash” to “flash -Dmy-additional-define” in the FlashDevelop target drop-down box) or in your project.xml (like <haxedef name="my-additional-define" />))

You can edit the target drop-down to try html5 -Dwebgl instead of the standard canvas output :smile:

As for asm.js, it’s a bit tricky, but theoretically you can use Lime from the source, and use lime rebuild hxcpp emscripten, lime rebuild emscripten and lime test emscripten with a test project