OpenFL et les SWC Flash libs

Hi guys, do you know if it is possible to use flash origine SWC libraries that contain skins (classes that are actually movie clips made in Flash CS6)?
I saw that there is a small tutorial to do it with SWFs, maybe it’s the same procedure …?

Well, I tried with a SWC and a SWF, once by adding to the library using the Flashdevelop context menu, once by following the Using SWF resources tutorial, it didn’t work in any case. I’m disappointed.
I may still have a solution, use a sprites sheet + XML …
Has anyone done this with OpenFL?

I decompressed the SWC and I have an XML catalog and a SWF library, I will try the tutorial again, you never know … Hope gives life …

Edit 2:
Miracle !! I managed to get all my graphical interface with everything in place in the right places except for a clip … It’s progressing !! The trick if you have a SWC, go find the Library.swf which is in it and follow the tutorial on the OPFL site :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Edit 3
For the moment, it only works in Flash output … But I have to manage to make it work for the web …