OpenFL Developers Guide at GitHub

What is the OpenFL Developers Guide at GitHub?

There’s no site referenced in the repo or readme, the summary contains broken links to (non) gh-pages, and template looks like Liquid instead of markdown.

Was the intent a gh-pages site?

I believe it could be the beginnings of this -> Where can I find a full guide to Haxe and OpenFL?

It is a conversion from PDF to Gitbook format. It needs additional love, but seems like a good starting point for more documentation on OpenFL!

Cool, let me know if I can help convert / format to its ultimate destination.

I’ve just made some additional strides on the first couple chapters today

The book is compiled using gitbook build in the root directory (after npm install -g gitbook-cli)

If you are interested in helping, would be happy to chat more on Slack next week :slight_smile:

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Yeah, definitely interested in discussing details of how I could help.

email: [email protected]

Through Apress, I’ve worked on five books - three as technical reviewer, and two second edition revisions:

  • Learn Pixi.js
  • Build your own 2D Game Engine
  • Building a 2D Game Physics Engine
  • Advanced ActionScript 3 second edition
  • Foundation ActionScript 3 second edition

Looking forward to connecting via Slack.