OpenFl > + adMob?

I’ve been using CocoonJs to build my android & ios apps from OpenFl html5 Dwebgl builds- ( I’ve had no luck with the android compiling and I don’t have a mac to make an ios app) - plus the CocoonJs apps do run helluva fast !

However I’m now stuck getting their Admob stuff to work, because I need to make calls to their Cocoon adMob plug-in - and I don’t know how to get this added to the .js file created by OpenFl.

//firstly I have to wait for the plugin to fire up…

document.addEventListener(‘deviceready’, main, false);

//and then I gots to make this fine call !

var interstitial = Cocoon.Ad.AdMob.createInterstitial(“ca-app-pub-7686972479101507/88739034”);

Do i need to do these as external calls or something ? Apologies if this is too noobish !

ok cheers all X

Cocoon doc is here btw.

How do you publish with CocoonJS? Do they have a command-line interface to use?

It sounds like you may want a custom “index.html” template, and you could add that in directly.

Something like this in your “project.xml”

<template path="templates" />

and “templates/html5/template/index.html” as a modified clone of the one from OpenFL’s template directory