OpenFL Can't Create Project


Hi, I’m trying to create a new project, but instead I got this problem.
Anyone can help me here?

Wow, this is very strange. I haven’t seen this one before.

Does running openfl throw an error like this? What do haxelib path openfl or haxelib path lime show?

What version of Windows? Thank you :slight_smile:


openfl works fine, it shows:
“OpenFL Command-Line Tools (6.3.0-LG5cAv)
Use openfl setup to configure platforms or openfl help for more commands”

Im using windows 10 (should be the latest version, fall creator update I guess?)

This might work if you add -Ddisable-version-check when you run your commands, such as:

openfl create project HelloWorld -Ddisable-version-check

However, this is confusing.

We should do a check for where your haxelib is located, then look for “haxelib.json” in that directory, then look for the version value inside that file. How that value (which should be “6.3.0”) is coming through as the path to your lime or openfl command is very strange.

Do you have an environment variable called “lime” or “openfl” defined, or anything else that might be unusual?