OpenFL Benchmark OpenFLMark

Hi everyone,

last weekend I created an OpenFL benchmark:

For OpenFL there are not many benchmarks out there. I found BunnyMark as part of the OpenFL samples and there is a benchmark in Starling sample demo. Both only test a limited feature set of their frameworks.
To find potential regressions between different versions and to prove that performance improvements have an impact, more complete test scenes are necessary. It can also help to see which approach is more performant, when you have different options.

OpenFLMark can run automatically different test scenes both for pure OpenFL and for Starling. Afterwards the results are presented on a results page with Excel friendly copy+paste functionality.

It has currently 5 test scenes and I tried it on HTML5, Flash and Mac. I plan to add some additional test scenes and also want to try it on Mobile devices.

I already found some interesting results:

As expected WebGL renderer is much faster than DOM.

Since the latest colorTransform fix (15d210065ae6e75d17d61ac911765501210de764) there is a performance regression for Flash Tilemaps.

cacheAsBitmap can bring huge performance boosts:

Just change in DisplayFilterUIScene:

var mediumSprite = new Sprite();
mediumSprite.cacheAsBitmap = true;


I am still working on it a bit, but feel free to try it out already.