OpenFL 9.2.2 and Lime 8.0.2 Release

Hey, everyone!

Grab the latest patch releases for both OpenFL and Lime from Haxelib to get the latest bug fixes, including improved support for the new Haxe 4.3.



  • Updated flash target externs for Haxe 4.3 compatibility
  • Resolve new @:enum abstract warnings for Haxe 4.3 by replacing with enum abstract, if current Haxe version supports it
  • Fixed TextField keyboard shortcut support to account for AltGr key
  • Fixed double timer in TextField that would cause caret to keep blinking on focus out
  • Fixed exception in TextField rendered by Cairo when the text contains ligatures
  • Fixed null exception in FileReference.browse() when no files are selected on html5 target
  • Fixed incorrect accept attribute on html5 input element if type filter is used once, but not second time
  • Fixed Context3D scissor rectangle (again), with better fix for both classic display list and Stage 3D
  • Fixed text for AM and PM returned by DateTimeFormatter on html5 target
  • Fixed default locale on html5 for DateTimeFormatter and LocaleID
  • Fixed drawing display object with visible == false to BitmapData, which should have made it temporarily visible
  • Fixed default fallback QName.uri value to match flash target
  • Fixed bounds calculation of Graphics.cubicCurveTo()
  • Fixed “Select error 22” exception when creating many Socket objects at once
  • Fixed uncaught exception when creating a Socket
  • Fixed invalid null value passed to Vector constructor on flash target
  • Fixed possible incorrect detection of current stage on TextField mouse up
  • Fixed Transform.matrix3D setter vertical scale value
  • Fixed default blendMode used by ShaderFilter
  • Fixed setting topExtension, rightExtension, bottomExtension, and leftExtension in ShaderFilter
  • Fixed compilation of RenderEvent for flash target
  • Fixed issue where setting width and height of Video was sometimes ignored
  • Fixed missing System.totalMemory and System.gc() on HashLink
  • Fixed Graphics.lineGradientStyle() to allow null values for alphas and ratios parameters, similar to beginGradientFill()
  • Fixed default fallback value for ratios parameter in Graphics.lineGradientStyle() and beginGradientFill()
  • Fixed Graphics (and text) jitter on HiDPI screens when using hardware acceleration by snapping to nearest device pixel instead of nearest stage pixel
  • Added missing parameters to Context3D.drawToBitmapData() in flash target externs
  • Added new openfl_disable_graphics_pixel_snapping define to optionally disable pixel snapping on Graphics tx/ty transformation
  • Translate environment variables that appear in File path on Windows
  • When using flash target with Haxe 4.3, Lime 8.0.2 is required


  • Resolve new @:enum abstract warnings for Haxe 4.3 by replacing with enum abstract, if current Haxe version supports it
  • Resolve new @:extern warnings for Haxe 4.3 by replacing with extern, if current Haxe version supports it
  • Fixed HTTPS requests failing on macOS by updating cURL and mbedtls dependencies
  • Fixed calling JNI.callMember() and JNI.callStatic() with more than 7 arguments
  • Fixed DPI detection on Android by using getDisplayMetrics()
  • Fixed passing null or empty string for default library to Assets.registerLibrary() to be more consistent with other APIs
  • Fixed failed Lime tools build with some Haxe versions by removing -D no-inline
  • Fixed Haxe argument type of OpenAL alFilteri wrapper that should be Int instead of Dynamic
  • Fixed bad UTF string conversion for FileDialog that sometimes displayed incorrect characters on some platforms
  • Fixed HTTP request status 400 being incorrectly treated as successful on html5 target
  • Fixed failed Adobe AIR for iOS build on Windows by removing check for simulators, which are available on macOS only
  • Fixed detection of default iPhone simulator to avoid exceptions and support future versions of Xcode
  • Fixed conflict between window.Image and when using Genes on html5 target
  • Fixed exception in Lime tools if assets directory does not exist
  • Removed legacy armv7 from default iOS target architectures because it now results in an error (now defaults to arm64)
  • AIR for iOS or Android may specify listen="port" in <config:air/> element to use USB debugging instead of wifi debugging
  • Improved fix for text fields updating properly on Android devices with html5 target
  • Replaced “Could not find Neko API interface” error message with more detailed explanation and instructions

Great update ! Thank you !
I wonder if it will be possible to inlcude an Arabic ligrature pull request in the next release ? ( Arabic ligature + Better RTL by Shallowmallow · Pull Request #2614 · openfl/openfl · GitHub)

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