OpenFL 9.1.0 Release

Hey everyone!

There’s a new version of OpenFL available! A huge thanks to @Dimensionscape and @MSGhero for their awesome work!

Keep building awesome everyone :sunglasses:


  • Updated for Haxe 4.2
  • Added for TCP sockets on native platforms
  • Added for UDP sockets on native platforms
  • Added openfl.utils.ObjectPool
  • Added shape caching to improve TextField rendering performance
  • Migrated OpenFL sources to a simpler package structure for better tooling compatibility
  • Improved Loader to prevent use of addChild/removeChild methods
  • Improved dynamic field access on openfl.utils.Object references
  • Improved handling of new lines and line breaks in TextField
  • Improved handling of layout calculations in TextField
  • Improved the rendering of selected text in TextField
  • Improved the performance when using nested TileContainer instances with Tilemap
  • Fixed an issue where graphics.lineStyle could cause an additoinal draw
  • Fixed a rounding issue that could clip graphics rendering by one pixel
  • Fixed sprite.transform.colorTransform to return a new ColorTransform object
  • Fixed issues rendering some bitmap.scrollRect objects on the HTML5 canvas renderer
  • Fixed issues rendering some gradient fills on HTML5 canvas renderer
  • Fixed an incorrect reference when dispatching some MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT events
  • Fixed renderer remaining active on Tilemap that includes no tiles

Very cool @singmajesty!!

And thank you @Dimensionscape and @MSGhero!

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Wow, sounds like a time to upgrade ))