OpenFL 9.0.2 does not process SWF to bundle

I upgraded OpenFL to 9.0.2 and now I have a problem with processing SWF files to bundles. Instead it generates a .zip file that does not have any class definitions exported to AS3.0. Please help me with learning how are bundles working since this version.


I have the same problem.

Waiting for a help :slight_smile:


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This feature is apparently broken. You can find comment block with ‘generateSWFLiteClasses’ and unused generateClasses method at AnimateLibraryExporter of swf library.

Are you using <library /> or are you using openfl process?

I’m using openfl process

Would anyone be willing to help me brainstorm how this feature would best work?

Ultimately I see this moving from the “openfl” library to the “swf” library. The goal would be to do a 1:1 “conversion” of a SWF from .swf to .zip in a way that the asset is now ready to be loaded into applications regardless of the target language, runtime, etc.

The other caveat is that the final output ZIP is intended to be loaded and used at runtime so the class definitions are not in the ZIP because they are not used at runtime.

The <library /> feature does still support class generation, however I see the potential value of having both a generated SWF ZIP file plus a directory of class definitions which could then be kept statically without needing to process the library again.

Should this be an additional argument? swf process library.swf -haxe src/library-definitions

Should it be generated automatically alongside the ZIP file? I’m not sure if this would be a good default, however I understand the shock of the format type changing.

I’m not sure of the best answer so I’m detailing some of the problems and questions I have so we can maybe work toward a better solution long-term