Openfl 9.0.2 does not compile with SDK 29

Openfl 9.0.2 does not compile with SDK 29, works with 28. Gives an error java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException: Input length = 1

I am targeting android with openfl 9.0.2 SDK 29 and I have no problem.
I use as well lime 7.7.0 (because of a problem with portrait and landscape orientation) and haxe 4.1.4

No differecence in what Lime or Haxe I use. Can compile up to 28, but not 29.

No problem with OpenFL 9.0.2 and SDK 29 for me either.

Could it be a corrupted file?

I was able to fix this, but not sure what solved the problem. I mainly cleared the gradle cache with comand line. also manually deleted the files. And suddenly it compiled.