OpenFL 8.9.6 Release

We have gotten reports of regressions in both performance and functionality that occurred after OpenFL 8.9.1 when we made changes to the renderer, TextField and some filter changes.

We integrated these changes into OpenFL, expecting that these would be stable incremental steps as we have undertaken larger performance optimizations and feature changes for the next major release. However, with OpenFL 9 needing time to mature and develop and the desire for the releases to be stable, we are making a new release with additional feature fixes but with some of these internal changes reverted.

I’ve created a v8.9 branch which can be used to pull in changes for the stable 8.9 series of OpenFL while work continues on the develop branch for OpenFL 9.0.

Please help us test this release and let us know if you still see regressions. Meanwhile Lime has been released, which includes some important changes for high DPI on macOS, root path values on iOS and other stability improvements.

I’ll have more updates in the future on 2020 and our continued plans for making OpenFL solid, fast and a worthwhile platform for both porting old Flash content as well as developing new content!

8.9.6 (01/27/2020)

  • Update to allow Lime 7.7.*
  • Reverted TextField, filter and renderer changes made in 8.9.2 through 8.9.5
  • Suspended these improvements until the next major release
  • Forced NPM versions of the library to use WebGL 1
  • Improved SWFLite libraries to use a UUID and have a more reliable root value
  • Improved the behavior of textField.mouseWheelEnabled
  • Improved the behavior of context3D.totalGPUMemory
  • Improved NetStream to allow HTML5 MediaStream instead of a URL
  • Fixed an issue where MovieClip would behave like a button when buttonMode was disabled
  • Fixed a possible crash issue with multi-line text selection
  • Fixed textField.setTextFormat when the TextFormat object has null values
  • Fixed some missing methods in openfl.utils.AssetManifest for parity with Lime
  • Fixed soundTransform.volume when playing HTML5 video
  • Fixed support for event.preventDefault on MOUSE_WHEEL events
  • Fixed texture flush for AGAL shaders that do not have an alpha texture
  • Fixed key modifier values for mouse events when coming back to the window

Thank you! I was waiting for this updated and was like loosing hope already… :heart_eyes:

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I updated from OpenFL 7.2.0 and came upon 1 new bug with htmlText formatting (see how the word “link” is colored and underlined).


You can reproduce the bug with code similar to this one:

var t:TextField = new TextField();
t.defaultTextFormat = new TextFormat("any font", 20, 0xFFFFFF);
t.width = 400;
t.multiline = true;
t.wordWrap = true;
t.htmlText = "A post with a <a href='http://localhost'><font color='#FFFF00'><u>link</u></font></a>.";

There’s also an old bug remaining with text scrolling (regardless of numerous fixes to scrollRect). The text on the screenshot is located in Sprite container, scrollRect property or which is changed for the scrolling effect.
In 8.9.6 scrolling will only happen if the mouse cursor is over the Sprite! If it is outside the container’s borders, the scrollRect values will still change, but no visible scrolling will occur (something with text renderer not updating?).
This is only the case for TextFields, scrolling for other objects in the container (like Bitmaps) will perform normally.

EDIT: This only happens for TextFields with filters! TextFields without filters scroll fine.

Try this: :slight_smile:

Nope, doesn’t help :frowning:
Testing on HTML5 WebGL.

And regarding the formatting bug: this commit is what broke it.
Specifically this code:

else if (textFormatRanges.length > 0)
	textFormatRanges[textFormatRanges.length - 1].end++;