[OpenFL 8.9.5, HTML5] SWF assets, wrong bitmap scale and iPad issue

Simple example:

I have swf with such structure

root -> bg (DisplayObjectCntainer) -> child (Bitmap)

Bitmap, which is a child of “bg” original library size: 2048x1798
Bitmap scale in “bg” == 2 and scaled size is 4096x3596

When if trace scale of bitmap, it returnes 1, but should be 2.

trace(bg.getChildAt(0).scaleX); //1, instead of 2

In code I have scrtucture if display list:

myContainer -> root -> bg -> bitmap

When I scale “myContainer” to 2, “bg” becomes invisible on iPad AIR and iPad Pro, however if I keep bitmap scale inside swf == 1, and scale it in code, everything works fine.

UPD: also it works fine, If I but bitmap inside display object, and assign scale this object instead of bitmap

Would it be hard to share a sample SWF or project I could use to reproduce this behavior? Thank you!