OpenFL 8.9.2 and Lime 7.6.0 Release

We have two new releases for you! We’re still hard at work on renderer improvements and collaborating to integrate pull requests and necessary patches.

Thank you SO MUCH to our supporters and to every contributor! Let’s keep pushing ahead to OpenFL 9 :wink:


8.9.2 (08/20/2019)

  • Updated to Lime 7.6.*
  • Improved GlowFilter with hardware shaders for inner and knockout glow
  • Improved the memory used when using hardware filters
  • Improved support for margins, indent, and blockIndent in TextField
  • Improved AGAL item count in converted shaders
  • Improved the performance of TextField when translating position
  • Improved BitmapData.fromTexture to support Texture and RectangleTexture
  • Improved the performance of Tilemap with multiple child containers
  • Improved the hardware implementation of DropShadowFilter
  • Improved performance of bitmapData.copyPixels on HTML5 using alphaBitmapData
  • Improved rendering when using HTML5 -Ddom
  • Fixed scrollRect rendering behavior
  • Fixed a possible runtime error when using VideoTexture
  • Fixed parsing issues when using textField.htmlText
  • Fixed issues when selecting multiple lines of text in a TextField
  • Fixed text styles following new-line breaks
  • Fixed a parsing issue for AGAL conversion when referencing an indirect register
  • Fixed dispatching of roll out and touch out events in some cases
  • Fixed the behavior of alpha PNG and 8-bit lossless exports from SWF files
  • Fixed culling when using graphics.drawTriangles
  • Fixed issues where Loader did not fully unload previously loaded content
  • Fixed Loader to properly disallow access to DisplayObjectContainer APIs
  • Fixed multiple cases in SimpleButton where state was not changed properly


7.6.0 (08/20/2019)

  • Updated support for Haxe 4 dev versions
  • Updated SDL to 2.10
  • Updated the default Android target API to 28 (per Google guidelines)
  • Updated HashLink support to 1.10 (requires Haxe 4 RC3 or greater)
  • Added official support for Android ARM64 architecture
  • Added ARM64 as a default architecture in Android builds
  • Added lime.utils.AssetBundle for standard compressed libraries
  • Added support for pure JSON-based asset manifest data
  • Added AMD support to generated JavaScript output
  • Added remove to lime.utils.ObjectPool
  • Added initial support for window.onMove on the AIR target
  • Improved the performance of Image.loadFromBytes on HTML5
  • Improved DataPointer to be a more reliable implementation in JavaScript
  • Improved support for pre-generated asset libraries
  • Improved the same origin check for HTTPRequest data-based URIs
  • Improved the native main loop behavior on the Android target
  • Fixed a compile error when using flash.system.SystemIdleMode
  • Fixed issues with WebGL on the HTML5 target caused by DataPointer
  • Fixed an issue where antialiasing was always enabled on HTML5
  • Fixed the behavior of image.copyPixels in a few cases
  • Fixed minor issues when using the -npm HTML5 template

I found that the new version merged lib’s js into a js file. This creates some incompatibility with my project (small game). Is there a way to restore the previous behavior?

I restored the old version of HTML5Platform compilation.

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On html5 target I get error
C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/lime/7,6,0/src/lime/text/UTF8String.hx:1156: characters 22-35 : Type not found : UnicodeString

Sounds like you may have an old Haxe 4 preview release - should work with 4.0.0-rc.3 or Haxe 3.4.x.

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My html5 game is broken after update:

yeap i had 4 rc2, thanks a lot!!

Intensity for outer glow filter is not effective, actually, it seems as its not working…