OpenFL 8.6.1 Released


Hey everyone!

New versions of OpenFL! We missed the announcement for OpenFL 8.5, so here we get the changelog for both 8.5 and 8.6.

We merged the display list renderer with Stage3D for better consistency, and long-desired improvements to the Stage3D layer for greater accuracy in state caching, support for present() and multiple Stage3D instances. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

8.6.1 (10/15/2018)

  • Fixed use of VideoTexture with cube geometry
  • Fixed a regression in the behavior of scrollRect
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom of some HTML5 text could be cut off
  • Fixed issues when applying DropShadowFilter to TextField in software

8.6.0 (10/12/2018)

  • Added initial support for PixelSnapping in hardware rendering
  • Added initial support for DisplacementMapFilter (hardware only)
  • Added generate="true" support for SWF BitmapData symbols
  • Improved BitmapData.fromFile (and similar methods) when an image fails to load
  • Improved texture smoothing behavior for hardware shader filters
  • Improved synchronization between display list shaders and Stage3D shader programs
  • Fixed a regression where TextField could fail to render on hardware
  • Fixed a regression in the behavior of textField.getTextFormat with default parameters
  • Fixed the clip rectangle for sprite.scrollRect on hardware rendering
  • Fixed stage.color to return a 32-bit value
  • Fixed Context3D scissoring with a width or height of 0
  • Fixed an issue where scrollRect could show a pixel improperly
  • Fixed issues when compiling using -Dtelemetry
  • Fixed a Haxe 4 compiler deprecation warning

8.5.1 (09/27/2018)

  • Improved handling of context loss if context is not restored by the next frame
  • Fixed a regression in indexed hardware graphics.drawTriangles rendering
  • Fixed minor compile errors when using some optional defines

8.5.0 (09/26/2018)

  • Migrated OpenGL rendering internally to use Stage3D instead of calling GL directly
  • Added support for multiple Stage3D instances (initially 2 on mobile, 4 on desktop)
  • Added OpenGL state caching in Context3D (unless -Dopenfl-disable-context-cache)
  • Added Context3DProgramFormat, with initial support for GLSL shaders in Context3D
  • Added stage.context3D, present when hardware acceleration is enabled
  • Added pressure values to TouchEvent
  • Added application.meta.version to the default application template
  • Added PerspectiveMatrix3D to openfl.utils
  • Removed prefixes on imageSmoothingEnabled internally to remove HTML5 warnings
  • Removed types deprecated since OpenFL 8.0
  • Improved performance in drawQuads and Tilemap when using a hardware renderer
  • Improved shaders to use highp float values when available
  • Improved each Stage3D to use its own buffers (unless -Dopenfl-share-context)
  • Improved Font.registerFont to allow registering font instances in addition to classes
  • Improved HTML5 font rendering to use font ascender/descender values if present
  • Fixed a regression in TextField clipping when using scrollX
  • Fixed support for OpenGL-based video on HTML5
  • Fixed many issues related to Stage3D state conflicts with the display list renderer
  • Fixed compilation issues in Haxe 4 development builds
  • Fixed an issue where hardware cacheAsBitmap could result in blank textures
  • Fixed dispatch of MOUSE_MOVE event before dispatching MOUSE_LEAVE
  • Fixed a regression in setting displayObject.alpha when changing its colorTransform
  • Fixed a regression in the visibility of the mouse cursor when using Mouse.hide
  • Fixed a regression in setting on events dispatched from the display list