OpenFL 8.2.2 Released

We’ve released a new minor release of OpenFL on both NPM and Haxelib. A few things to polish off the 8.2 release :slight_smile:


8.2.2 (06/05/2018)

  • Fixed a regression in the TextField input cursor

8.2.1 (06/05/2018)

  • Updated default window color depth to 32-bit (<window color-depth="16" /> to revert)
  • Updated to enable depth buffer by default (<window depth-buffer="false" /> to revert)
  • Improved the performance of little endian ByteArray readFloat/readDouble
  • Fixed a regression in the behavior of textField.getTextFormat
  • Fixed a regression in Stage3D texture uploads on HTML5

When the text is in a word-wrap mode and selectable, when the mouse is selected, a black block will be overlaid on the text, and the contents will not be selected normally. But when I copied Command+C, the content was correct, but there was a problem with the display.