OpenFL 3 video on iOS/Android

Hi OpenFL folks,

In the blog comments for OpenFL 3 Beta somebody asked question about video playback across platforms. Anybody know the current status of video playback especially for iOS/Android? I’d love to move on from AIR :wink: Thanks!

This is not supported for now, but I’d be happy to see it. I wonder if there’s a good solution for SDL2 video out there

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll check out SDL2 video and see if I can make sense of it and report back. In the meantime does OpenFL still allow targeting AIR so I can use StageVideo on devices? Then I can switch over to cpp target once video gets figured out.

Yep, OpenFL builds to Flash, which should work with AIR. We had an automated -air target in the past, but dropped it since we were concerned about maintenance, and got a lot of feedback that it was maybe confusing