OpenFL 3 and filters


I noticied filters (drop shadow) do not work with openfl3. Or should they work and there is something wrong with my code?
Is there a place to see what has not jet been implemented in openfl3?


Hi Nathan.
I don’t know if this is you’re case, but from what I know, only flash target has built in support for all the filters. The flash player implements them internally, and as fast as it can. So from browsing the code, I see that only for flash, there is a call to the internal implementation of DropShadowFilter:

typedef DropShadowFilter = flash.filters.DropShadowFilter;

But for the other targets, there is only the definition, so it will compile.

(But maybe I’m also missing something)

Ok, so it is only supported for flash. Mmh, I wonder if I could have found that out without asking in this forum.

I can not find it here:

Should it be there?

I think it’s always better to ask :wink:

As we add custom shader support, I expect to be able to support more filters using comparable shaders


I really don’t want to niggle, or be pushy, but I have to ask: Is there a plan when this will be realized?

More discussion here:

Is this implemented in Openfl 4.2 ?